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co-working space has opened in an old storefront in downtown Easton

New Co-Working Space Comes to Easton

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A look inside Reeds 403 Co Work Lounge in Easton

EASTON, PA - It’s an unconventional office space for the modern worker...

"To my knowledge, there is nothing like this in Easton" says Reeds 403 Co Work Lounge Owner, Mark Cal, "What makes it unique is that it is a new format of the way people do business."

In Easton, Pennsylvania, Reeds 403 Co Work Lounge is opening its doors for working professionals looking for a space to share with like minded individuals. All while getting work done.

"We have several people who are actually working from home, remotely and their employers are in a whole other area of the country," explains Reeds 403's other owner, Maryanne Russell, "We want to promote the idea that they have a place to come that’s not necessarily working from home; it’s a different environment. Also, I like the networking component. People can meet each other. They can support each other’s businesses and they can meet and become friends here."

The shared work space facility on Northampton street offers professionals work spaces, conference rooms, a kitchen, lounge seating and more; all for $100 a month. Easton Mayor Sal Panto says, the goal is to attract office workers, keeping them in the city and helping build a strong daytime economy.

"Our goal this year is to create a downtown daytime economy," Easton Mayor Sal Panto Jr. tells PBS39 News Tonight Reporter, K.C. Lopez, "We have a great night time economy in Easton; whether it’s the restaurants, the theater, the museums, crayola. We have a great nighttime but we don’t have daytime. All of our offices have left, they’re starting to come back with Hearst with 175 jobs but this creates a space where young people or older people--in their twilight years like me, can come and use the space and get out during the day, shop, eat, they do all those kinds of things and maybe have lunch meetings downtown."

The world’s largest co-working conference series says there are more than 3.1 million coworkers in the world and that number is expected to nearly double by 2022. So this new local co-work space is ideal for professionals who work from home but want to switch it up with a business friendly environment that’ll offer them more contact within their community. Think of the small business owner who wants to reduce overhead or an entrepreneur looking to launch their newest endeavor.

"The range is everything from a woman who has a women’s professional club," says Cal, "There’s a woman doing her studies to be a nurse practitioner and it’s being done remotely from a university. So she needs a place to go outside her home where she won’t be distracted where she can focus and do where. Our architect is excited. He’s going to be using the space in the next three to four days to give a presentation for a two million dollar house project where he needs a smart location with a smart television where he can present himself in a much more interesting environment than a standard, conventional office."

While Reeds 403 Co Work Lounge is already open to family and friends of the developers’, it will begin accepting members from the public after an official ribbon cutting on March 2nd. For more information or to schedule a visit, contact Mark Cal at 877-627-5100.

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