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PBS39 Education offers a unique variety of special services for the education community, including educational television programming and teacher professional development and resources, 24 hours, daily; parent resources; adult learning opportunities; extensive outreach services and other special programs and events.


We are growing Learning at Home, to your school, your community and beyond with the launch of Your Learning Neighborhood. In Your Learning Neighborhood, you'll find support from helpers in the community, your teachers at school, and your grownups at home.

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Learning at Home PA
Scholastic Scrimage

Scholastic Scrimmage, PBS39's longest-running on-air program, pits teams of four high school students against each other and quizzes them in all academic disciplines.

Artist of the Month

Art is subjective, and it comes in many forms. Here at PBS39, we are looking for students in grades K-12 to submit their masterpieces for a chance to become a featured Artist of the Month.

PBS KIDS Writers Contest

The PBS KIDS Writers Contest is for kids who are in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Full Steam Ahead

The Full STEAM Ahead! Early Childhood Educational Initiative is a multi-faceted that offers school partners, parents, and youth opportunities to learn about and become engaged in a variety of STEAM activities and educational programs.

Ready to Learn

PBS and CPB have partnered to develop media-rich, multi-platform media in the form of videos, games and apps and hands-on activities by show, targeting students ages 2-8.

Meet the Education Team

Cate Reifsnyder, Manager of Education

Cate Reifsnyder

Director, Education

Carla Kohler, Education Program Coordinator

Carla Kohler

Education Specialist