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PBS39’s Board of Directors and senior leadership team thoughtfully and carefully designed a future for our organization that will positively and measurably move the needle in our region. We call it WLVT 3.0.

Unveiled to the public on January 26, 2017, WLVT 3.0 is a strategic plan that will define the next 20 years of public media in our region. It provides the foundation for PBS39’s future as a vital community resource for impacting change. With a new strategic plan comes a new vision and mission that will assist our community in reaching its highest potential.

 About PBS39

PBS39 is a community-owned public television station licensed to Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton, PA., serving eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey.


A vibrant community that is connected, informed, inspired, and engaged.


Engage everyone in our community through our public media resources to make the Lehigh Valley better tomorrow than it is today.

  PBS39 will optimize the use of its facilities by community members.

We seek to be a hub for the exchange of ideas and thoughtful discourse. Therefore, we will enhance our accessibility to the community and create new opportunities for engagement.

  PBS39 shall engage appropriate partners that affect the majority of the Lehigh Valley in areas such as economic development, education, health care, civic responsibility, and arts/culture.

We will engage appropriate partners in transformative, collective impact initiatives in key community priority topic areas.

 PBS39 shall be the pre-eminent source of objective analysis and coverage of important community issues. 

We will lean upon expert partners to help us engage to address issues of concern that currently inhibit the advancement of the region.

 PBS39 will provide access and compelling content to the majority of the Lehigh Valley; therefore, we will inform and engage participation by the community.

We will educate and inform our community by producing relevant, engaging local content surrounding important issues.

 PBS39 will use the most appropriate technology to achieve our mission.

We will include the use of multiple digital platforms to reach people in whatever way they typically access information.

Over the next five years, PBS39 has created a set of cyclical objectives that will provide the impetus for sweeping change in public media.

 1. Engage

PBS39 will empower the public to provide input regarding their community priorities through town hall-style conversations. We will also work to identify our region’s “gaps” by analyzing existing Community Needs Assessments. These actions will identify the areas in which PBS39 may have the greatest impact on our community.

 2. Partner

PBS39 will strive to have a positive impact on regional trends by identifying and assisting community partners who are developing or working on collective impact strategies.

 3. Inform

PBS39 will educate and inform our community by producing relevant, engaging local content surrounding important issues. By telling their stories, we will highlight the collective efforts of our nonprofit and community partners.

 4. Convene

PBS39 will assemble partners and the public to facilitate civil discourse around community concerns and develop shared language around issues of importance.

 5. Rally

Using specific messaging on multiple platforms to create a call to action, PBS39 will bring the community together around vital topics, such as rousing the public to vote, or encouraging people to actively participate in their healthcare.

 6. Assess

PBS39 will assess and provide measurable data and information to our partners, and the public, to perpetuate collective impact and assist in creating a more vibrant community.

PBS39 is YOUR public media station. We are here, committed to you. We anticipate that the vision outlined is your vision; that an inspired, engaged and vibrant community is what you seek. We look to you for action:


 Engage in the important community discourse that we begin.
 Partner with us to better effect community impact.
 Convene in our facility and utilize the varied resources that we offer.
 Support the diverse, spirited, educational, noncommercial programming that informs the public as President Johnson foresaw in 1967.