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What Impact is the Pandemic Having on the U.S. Supply Chain?

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WLVT - TV - The attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the United States has had ripple effects throughout the American economy.

"The country has been put into kind of a self-induced economic coma for the last six, eight weeks," said Steve Tracey, the executive director for Penn State University's Center for Supply Chain Research.

Sector shutdowns have affected vital networks like the nation's food supply chain.

The head of Tyson Foods, one of the largest producer and distributor of meat in the U.S., recently took out a full-page advertisement in major newspapers warning Americans that the food supply chain is "breaking."

But supply chain experts told PBS39 News Tonight that any shortages are likely to be short-lived and isolated regionally.

They warned that people should not "panic buy" as they believe the supply chain will recover and adapt to the changing needs of Americans throughout the pandemic.

"We as a species, as a people, as everything, are genetically inclined to reoptimize," said Nicholas Petruzzi, a professor of supply chain management at Penn State University. "Businesses are the same way. We will reoptimize."

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