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The Ortiz Ark Foundation Gives Lifeline to Those in Need

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ALLENTOWN, Pa. (WLVT) - "It's the Ark, you have to get on the boat. We can't go off and get you. We're just passing by we’ll give you a net, a life raft, but you have to want to come on the boat."

That's Jessica Ortiz. She and her and her husband Oscar founded the Ortiz Ark Foundation in September 2019.

"Every week we pick a spot and we just pop up where there's a need in the community," says Jessica Ortiz. "So this week we’ll listen to the people and whatever they have to say wherever they feel we should go that's where we'll be next. it's a case-by-case basis."

Over the weekend they gave out 70 school desks and 175 backpacks in Allentown, and they fed about 235 people.

Tiffany Moody, of Allentown, went to the weekend backpack giveaway. She said it was the first time she's heard of the Ortiz Ark Foundation.

"My kids got notebooks, markers, pencils, some science projects over there," she said. "The DaVinci center is over there. I have two kids that are in school -- eighth grade and sixth grade. My mom told me about this event, so I came down here to check it out to see what they have to offer for the kids."

To find out more about The Ortiz Ark Foundation, or to donate you can visit the website or click here.

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Allentown community group giving desks and backpacks to students over the weekend.