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The Full STEAM Ahead Early Childhood Education Initiative has impacted more than 18,000 school partners, parents, and youth who have participated in programs offered by PBS39. These programs increase exposure to the arts, inform educators, increase parents' engagement and encourage students to participate in STEM related activities.

PBS39 has decided to take an active role in increasing the quality of life of our local youth by infusing STEM and arts education and appreciation into the community and school based activities throughout the Lehigh Valley. Through this initiative, we offer our school partners, parents and youth opportunities to learn about and become engaged in a variety of STEAM related activities and educational programs.

Artist of the Month

Students in grades K-12 can submit a copy, picture or video of their art (music, fine arts, writing, digital media, or performing arts) as an entry to this contest. We except submissions all year and will select a new student as Artist of the Month monthly. An art show will be held in our PBS39 studio for the winners, their friends and family. In addition, each child who wins this contest will receive a prize and be featured on air and social media during the month. Send us your favorite masterpiece today!

Bedtime Math's Crazy 8's club

Crazy8's is an over the top after-school math club designed to get students fired up about math. Kids build, jump and run their way into the fun of hands-on math. The activities of this program make the classroom concepts real and engaging. There are eight sessions that are offered to students in grades K-2 or 3-5. PBS39 implements approximately 10 workshops at elementary schools located in the Lehigh Valley every year. Join the fun at your school!