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A Firehouse That's Near and Dear to His Heart - and His Home
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LOWER MACUNGIE TWP. Pa. (WLVT) - "I could see why people think it's a real station, but it's just my garage."

That's Nicos Elias, a board member for the West Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company and a unique car collector. His collection includes a 1986 Mack firetruck, and a pretty unique garage to go with it.

"I had an architect come out and look at the house. He recommended this location and I kind of brainstormed about it looking like a vintage fire station or just having that look to it. And that's why it looks like it does with the glass doors."

Elias says people will occasionally stop and ask about the fire department attached to his house. It's really just his garage, which houses the firetruck he now owns and a 1970s Cadillac ambulance that almost looks like a hearse.

And, about that, too.

Elias owns and operates the Nicos C. Elias Funeral Home on Hamilton Street in Allentown.

He was a longtime volunteer for the West Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company and dreamed as a kid of becoming a firefighter. He doesn't go out on calls any more but it's obvious his passion for the fire service persists.

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Nicos Elias and his fire house museum.