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Mascot Volunteer

Dress as PBS39’s TeleBear! TeleBear is the endeared mascot for the station’s Cub Club membership. TeleBear is always a big hit with the kids, receiving many hugs, fist bumps, high fives, and requests for photo ops during events. Volunteers interested in this opportunity must be around 5 feet tall, have a small build and be comfortable in confined spaces. Please contact Genesis at for more information regarding this opportunity.


If you prefer to stay OUT of the mascot suit, you can also volunteer to handle the mascot. This means being TeleBear’s eyes and ears! You will be responsible for guiding TeleBear in and out of crowds and making sure that he avoids obstacles that may be difficult for him to navigate through!

If your volunteer organization is interested in being involved with PBS39 and receiving PBS39 volunteer needs, please click here for more information on Corporate Volunteering.