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Watch the recorded Broadcast of the PBS39 Town Hall With Senator Pat Toomey

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Town Hall with Senator Toomey

Town Hall with Senator Pat Toomey

PBS39 WLVT hosted a community town hall with United States Senator Pat Toomey on Thursday, August 31, at the PPL Public Media Center at PBS39 in Bethlehem. PBS39 is offering this program as a part of its mission to act as a catalyst to promote civic engagement and to fulfill the regional needs of the Greater Lehigh Valley through its dynamic communication platforms and resources.

PBS39's Code of Conduct During the Recorded Broadcast

PBS39 is dedicated to providing a forum for civil discourse and an exchange of ideas and opinions in a safe environment. This was an opportunity for citizens to ask questions and hear responses about important issues from our elected official. As with all of our events, we asked that all in attendance be considerate and abide by our Code of Conduct (below).
Disruption that is deemed compromising to the broadcast will result in immediate expulsion from the event. Disruptive audience behavior during this production is defined as:
  • Any action that obstructs the audience/broadcast viewer’s sight to the stage including waving arms above head, holding anything above shoulder height, or standing (unless asking a question).
  • Any action that intentionally impedes the camera or recording.
  • Harassment, including physical or verbal conduct and disruption of the program.
  • Vocal outbursts, clapping, or other conduct that significantly interferes with the audience member’s question, the moderator, or the Senator’s response.
  • Refusal to release the microphone. Taking the microphone from the floor producer.
  • Profanity and vulgarity.
  • Any unwelcome physical contact or physical altercation.
  • Any action PBS39 staff or Bethlehem Police deems threatening to anyone in the event space.
Town Hall with Senator Pat Toomey
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PBS39, the Greater Lehigh Valley's public media station, welcomed members of the press and