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Mobile Farmer's Market Increasing Access to Healthy Food Options

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FREEMANSBURG, Pa. (WLVT) - The Eat Real Food Mobile Market is bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to different neighborhoods in the Lehigh Valley to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

“It’s so, so convenient,” said Freemansbrug Borough Secretary, Justine Rossi. The market travels six days a week to help bring healthy food into areas where people may not otherwise have access. “It’s just more about breaking down those barriers of what’s making it more difficult for people to want to eat healthy and to actually be eating healthy,” said Healthy Lifestyle Educator and Mobile Market Coordinator, Patrick Henning.

The market is sponsored by the Kellyn Foundation. Henning said the foundation is working in elementary schools like Freemansburg to educate students on identifying real food versus processed food. “They have a garden that we installed there, with the help of the school, and we teach the kids to grow fruits and vegetables there too,” said Henning. “Now they’re growing the food. They’re learning what’s healthy, and they have access to a farmer’s market which is bringing fruits and veggies into their neighborhood.”

The farmer’s market will be open through November. To see the locations, dates, and times of the market, click here for the website.