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Mobile Farmers Market Brings Fresh Food to Those Who Don't Have Access

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The term food desert isn't very common. Those living in one might not even know what it means. The Kellyn Foundations Eat Real Food Mobile Market is going to those food deserts and providing fresh fruits and veggies. "A food desert is a place that is said to have low access to Fresh produce and healthy foods and it usually means in an urban area like this you have more than a mile to go to a grocery store . So if you don't if you have your own transportation you have to rely on public transportation or walking And as you can imagine if you're trying to carry your watermelon and fruits and vegetables home over a mile that's a pretty long walk. " says Meagan Grega, Co-Founder of the Kellyn Foundation and Family and Lifestyle Medicine Physician.

A good amount of the Lehigh Valley is considered a food desert, and it's having lasting health problems says Grega. "We know here in the Lehigh Valley when we look at our disease statistics we're not doing very well. We have about a 12% diagnose diabetes rate. Got lots of hypertension, a lot of obesity and all those things go along with the types of diet we eat as well as our exercise and other lifestyle choices."

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A mobile market in Allentown that provides fresh food at affordable prices.