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We live in a time known as the 'Digital' or 'Information Age.'
With new technologies emerging constantly, how do we navigate the digital frontier?

That's where PBS39's Tech Takeover comes in. PBS39's digital literacy series educates and empowers viewers about how to better use and understand current and emerging digital platforms.

Digital literacy is the ability to evaluate and use information from the internet, smartphones, video games and other non-traditional sources. Whether you're watching a video on YouTube or reading an article on Facebook, children and adults alike need to know how to critically examine the quality and credibility of that media. They also need to know how to keep their personal information safe online.

PBS39 Tech Takeover Mission Statement:

(1) We Create Strong Digital Citizens

This series focuses on educating viewers to become strong 'Digital Citizens' for the long-term. We not only help them navigate the Digital World, we also encourage them to practice digital ethics when they share and use content online.

(2) We Read The Fine Print

We read user agreements and break them down for our viewers. When they join groups like Facebook, YouTube and Venmo, we tell them what rights they do - and don't have - by signing up.

(3) We Offer Solutions To Digital Problems

We explain to viewers how to keep their personal information safe, private and secure. We also provide reviews for websites, test smartphone apps and check out the latest tech to keep viewers informed.

TECH TAKEOVER: PPL is using drones

TECH TAKEOVER: PPL is using drones

About Megan Frank

Megan Frank is the Northampton County reporter for PBS39's News Tonight. Frank grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Temple University. She is the 2010 recipient of The Legacy Award for excellence in reporting on diverse communities, given by Temple's Klein College of Media and Communication. She comes to PBS39 from Harrisburg, where she reported for stations serving the Pennsylvania State Capitol region. Prior to her work in television, Megan was a public radio reporter at PBS's WHYY in Philadelphia, reporting for the station's flagship radio program NewsWorks Tonight and acted as an investigative research aide for NPR's Marcellus Shale reporting project StateImpact Pennsylvania. Her print work has been featured by's My Community Trend and Temple University's Fox Focus magazine.

TECH TAKEOVER | Social Media and Data Privacy

Q&A with educator and social media expert Tim Guella

TECH TAKEOVER | 3-D Prosthetics

A Lehigh County entrepreneur whose company makes 3-D prosthetics.


Demo of Nintendo's new interactive video game.

TECH TAKEOVER | Laser Printing

A laser company in Lehigh County.

Tech Takeover | Facebook Messenger Scams

Scams are targeting victims through Facebook's messaging service.

Tech Takeover | Girls of Steel

We visit a group of young women who are building their own robots.

Tech Takeover | Cybersecurity

Learn about Cybersecurity and what you can do to make your devices safer.

Tech Takeover | Drone School

We stop by one of the first drone training schools in the nation.

Tech Takeover | Bitcoin

Learn about the cryptocurrency.

Tech Takeover | Robot Restaurant

Check out this "robot restaurant" in Delaware.

Tech Takeover | Deepfakes

Learn about Deepfakes: a technique for human image synthesis based on artificial intelligence.

Tech Takeover | FaceApp

What did users give up once they hit ''Agree'' to an app like FaceApp's terms of service?

Tech Takeover | Musikfest

A look at the tech involved in putting on Musikfest.

Tech Takeover | CHOICES Camp

A look at Lehigh University's CHOICES summer camp for teen girls.

Tech Takeover | Is My Smart Phone Listening to Me?

How to guard your digital privacy.

Tech Takeover | eSports

A look at eSports and an Allentown man who plays for the Sacramento Kings' eSports team.

Tech Takeover | Digital Afterlife

Tips for resting in cyber peace and how to set up a "digital will."

Tech Takeover | Smart Home

We visit a smart home in Upper Saucon Township to see how technology affects our daily lives.

Tech Takeover | Marty the Robot

Meet Marty-- Giant Food Store's newest associate.

Tech Takeover | All About Robocalls

How can you stop getting those annoying robocalls and scams?