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Lehigh Valley Public Media Community Guidelines

Lehigh Valley Public Media Community Guidelines

Lehigh Valley Public Media is the home to PBS39 and WVLR News. Our social media channels for both our television and radio station are a medium for us to further share our local reporting and for discussion of issues of public concern. While we do moderate comments on social media, we also encourage the vibrant expression of diverse views about our content, as well as civil and dignified speech, as much as possible. However, we ask that members of our community please respect the following guidelines:

Be polite. Disagree without name calling, slandering or personally attacking others in our community. Civil discourse is encouraged, aggressive attacks and commentary are not. Do not post anything that could be taken as threatening, harassing, sexist or racist on our digital content.

Keep it clean. No obscenities, no transphobic, bigoted or racist language.

Post only your own work and thoughts. You are welcome to add quotes with attribution, or link to other relevant articles to support your argument, but do not copy and paste lengthy excerpts from other people’s work or violate any copyright regulations.

Respect the privacy of others. Please don't post the contact information or private information of other people. Please also don’t use this public forum for private communications.

Please stay on topic and keep your comments brief.

No advertising messages, recruiting, campaigning, soliciting or proselytizing. There are more appropriate venues for that. We reserve the rights to moderate whether a post is solicitation or not, and will moderate as appropriate.

Report abuse and flag bad behavior when you see it.

We appreciate the news tips members of the public share with us. However, Lehigh Valley Public Media reserves the right not to publicize allegations, conspiracy theories and other information which we know to be false or unsubstantiated.

Comments are moderated but they are not changed or edited. Comments are subject to our Terms of Use. Lehigh Valley Public Media will not publish comments that include slurs, foul language, threats or personal attacks. We will not post comments that use insulting or offensive nicknames or invented names. Any comment assumed to be spam will be deleted. Lehigh Valley Public Media reserves the right to remove any comments we judge to be in violation of our community guidelines.

Those continuously posting comments of an inflammatory, disruptive nature should expect to be blocked. Likewise, those not adhering to the aforementioned guidelines can expect to be blocked.

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