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What did the global community agree on in climate talks?

PBS NewsHour

What did the global community agree on in climate talks?

William Mauldin discusses the implications of the historic deal reached on climate change.

Viewers respond to reports on student loan options

PBS NewsHour

Viewers respond to reports on student loan options

Hari Sreenivasan reads viewer comments to reports on student loans and teacher tenure.

Bake a Batch of Peppermint Fudge Brownies

PBS Food

Bake a Batch of Peppermint Fudge Brownies

Meet the perfect addition to your holiday dessert table.

PBS39 Education Overview

PBS39 offers a unique variety of special services for the education community, including educational television programming and teacher professional development and resources, 24 hours, daily; parent resources; adult learning opportunities; extensive outreach services, such as Scholastic Scrimmage, PBS KidsGO Writers Contest, and other special programs and events.

Raising Readers

Raising Readers

Kids love to learn. PBS KIDS Raising Readers is a national literacy campaign, and part of the Ready To Learn initiative, focused on building reading skills at home, at school, in child care, and in the community.

Funded by a Ready To Learn grant from the United States Department of Education, the Ready To Learn initiative is developing engaging PBS KIDS Raising Readers television programs, exciting games, playful Web sites, and easy-to-use learning resources for kids, parents, caregivers, and teachers—all with the goal of helping children ages 2 to 8 get ready to read.  Read More...


For more information contact Alyissa Gallagher at PBS39. Email alyissag@wlvt.org or 610.984.8112

Community Partners: Bethlehem Area Public Library, Mad Science, Allentown Library, Wildlands, LV Zoo, A. F. D

PBS Learning Media - Teachers

PBS LearningMedia is THE destination that gives PreK-12 educators access to FREE, standards-aligned, digital content designed to capture students’ imagination and transform learning in classrooms across America. The site offers over 30,000 curriculum-targeted videos, interactive games, and lesson plans that cover an array of PreK-12 subjects including math, english/language arts, science, history, the arts/culture.

Join the club - 900,000+ users now have registered access to PBS LearningMedia. Get started today! www.pbslearningmedia.org


  • PBS LearningMedia (www.pbslearningmedia.org) offers access to 30,000+ digital resources from 130+ trusted media partners to help PreK-12 teachers integrate Common Core State Standards into teaching.
  • More than 900,000 educators have registered access to PBS LearningMedia content.
  • In the past year, more than 3.4 million pages were viewed by visitors to PBS LearningMedia.
  • PBS LearningMedia is offered locally by over 280 PBS member stations, including 48 states and territories in the United States.

Spring Fever!

Curious George Swings into Spring with the return of a fan favorite and two brand new episodes. Spring fever kicks off the week of Monday, March 30 with the one-hour spring special, followed by new episodes on Wednesday and Thursday. Curious George airs weekdays at 7:30am, 9:00am, 4:30pm, and 5:00pm

Monday, March 30 
4:00pm – Curious George Swings into Spring

Tuesday, March 31
7:00am – Curious George Swings into Spring
4:30pm – 905: George’s Curious Dragon Dance/Bowling for Bobolinks 

Wednesday April 1

7:00am -  905: George’s Curious Dragon Dance/Bowling for Bobolinks
4:30pm – 906: George’s Curious Amazon Adventure/ Monkey Senses
5:00pm -  905: George’s Curious Dragon Dance/Bowling for Bobolinks

Thursday April 2
7:00am  | 4:30pm | 5:00pm – 906: Curious George’s Amazon Adventure/Monkey Senses

Friday, April 3
4:30pm – Curious George Swings into Spring

Saturday, April 4
8:00am – Curious George Swings into Spring 

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