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Fallon, Tim CEO | timf@wlvt.org |  610.984.8117
Guerrero, David  COO | davidg@wlvt.org |  610.984.8205
Haddad, Dr. Teri  Sr. Vice President Education and Production
 terih@wlvt.org | 610.984.8127
Cleckley, DaWayne Vice President of Marketing
 dawaynec@wlvt.org | 610.984.8123
Esposito, Maria Managing Director of Development
 mariae@wlvt.org | 610.984.8134
Krushinsky, Joseph QVL Partner/VP Advancement Strategy
 joek@wlvt.org | 610.984.8157
Russo, Ashley      ASRMedia@PBS39
 ashleyr@wlvt.org | 610.984.8122
Baier, Beth Membership Coordinator
Bourassa, Parker Editor, Digital Media,  ASRMedia@PBS39
Bush, Jonathan Traffic
Croesus, Drew Senior Account Manager
Diaz, Javier Production Manager
Fernandez, Eugene  P-T Facility Maintenance
Frederick, Jeff Senior Videographer
Gallagher, Alyissa  Education Services
Garzillo, Brittany  Reporter/Producer
Gortvay,  Steven  Senior Sales Executive
Hasselbusch, Tina Marketing
Heft, Ron Master Control Operator
Jones, Duane  P-T Master Control
Karcher, Jim  Master Control
Kauffman, Steve  Videographer/Editor
Kelly, Susan  P-T Master Control
Kozicki, Cari  Office Manager
Kutza, Jessica  Membership Coordinator
Lee, Jessica  Director Multimedia Design
Long, Brandon  Membership Coordinator
Longo, Gerard  PR & Marketing Coordinator
Marakovits, Jennifer  Auction Manager/Membership
McHugh, Laura  Executive Producer
Muehlberger, Josh  Technical Assistant, Tech Services
Paulin, Emily Coordinating Producer, Digital Media,  ASRMedia@PBS39
Porte, Jeffrey  P-T Master Control 
Prentis, Patricia  Senior Account Manager
Radtke, Theresa P-T Master Control
Reifsnyder, Catherine  Education Coordinator
Rice, John  QVL Partner/ Director On-air Fundraising
Robinson, Lisa  Editor
Semler, Bill Chief Technologist
Shimoskie, Suzanne Bambu Receptionist/Admin. Assistant
Silcox, Grover Reporter/Producer
Simon, Don Financial Administrator
Sweeney, Dylan Editor/Videographer, Digital Media,  ASRMedia@PBS39
Wallace, Katie Production Manager, Digital Media,  ASRMedia@PBS39
Wisneskie, Zach P-T Master Control










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