Current Openings

We are currently accepting internship applications throughout the month of March 2017 for Summer and Fall 2017 semesters only.

 Internship Info

PBS39 and ASRMedia@PBS39 offer unpaid internships to college students every semester. Internships are available in Production, Marketing, and Communications. When we are accepting applications for internships, they will be posted in our “Current Openings” section of this page. Generally, we accept Spring semester applications during the month of October; we accept Summer and Fall semester applications during the month of March.

 How to Apply

  1. Complete the Internship Application here and follow the instructions in the application on where to send your application and samples.
  2. Refer to the below links for more information and what samples to include with your application:
    1. PBS39 Production Internship
    2. PBS39 Marketing Internship
    3. ASRMedia@PBS39 Production Internship
    4. ASRMedia@PBS39 Production Assistant Internship
    5. ASRMedia@PBS39 Marketing and Communications Internship