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Kindness Across the Valley
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In times of trouble, kindness ultimately prevails.

In a chaotic time, community is reaching out.

Henry and Pam Vereen have been serving the Lehigh Valley for more than 32 years. When local homeless shelters shut down for sterilization, people had nowhere to go. So they opened the doors at Greater Shiloh's Emergency Shelter in Easton.

Meanwhile in Bethlehem, the newly-opened Seven Sirens Brewery is stepping up. Owner Jordan Serulneck says one employee is donating her month's salary to be dispersed among her colleagues.

About 43 miles northwest of Bethlehem, you'll find a man serving the town he grew up in, Tamaqua. David Funk, owner of The Wabash, is serving bagged lunches and spaghetti dinners for those in need.

Watch the story below to see how people of different communities across the Greater Lehigh Valley are volunteering with love during a tough time.

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