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Protecting Pollinators is Protecting Food Security
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It’s time to talk about the birds and the bees.

Not what you’re thinking, but because we actually depend on these pollinators. The US Department of Agriculture estimates a third of what we eat exists because of animal pollinators like bees, butterflies and moths, birds and bats, and other insects.

"Everything in nature has its place," says Jeanne Hamscher, environmental educator at Wildlands Conservancy. "These are the little guys that help the plants start the bottom of our food chain. We depend on them to make the plants produce our food, our medicines, spices, chocolate, wine, things that we couldn't live without, are being produced by the pollinators and they are falling on hard times because animal habitat being taken over by humans and not being natural enough for them."

Because pollinators are crucial to our food supply, local and federal agencies participate in this week’s National Pollinator Week, to spread awareness and educational resources.

Wildlands Conservancy has been partnering with community environmental organizations to raise awareness all week, including posting educational videos on Facebook every day.

Watch the full story below.

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