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Ben Franklin Technology Partners has its annual gala and awards progr
BETHLEHEM, PA - Dozens of entrepreneurs and tech experts from near and far have descended upon Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

“The iXchange has a lot of different opportunities for the attendees. The executive networking sessions are outstanding and allow our guests to really meet with people and explore more opportunities in that way,” says Laura Eppler, Chief Marketing Officer of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania; “Their creativity and thoughts are provoked through not only the networking, but also through the thought leadership provided by our keynoter.”

This year, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania welcomed dozens of business people, political leaders and influencers from its vast 21 county service area at the annual iXchange; a networking event at Lehigh University for business people from across northeastern Pennsylvania.

And this year, six innovation awards were presented to a group of local business leaders from the area. Recognized for their outstanding individual and company accomplishments in business and technology, these trailblazers from Bethlehem, Winfield, Moosic and Reading, are breaking ground in technology.

“The Ben Franklin iXchange is our opportunity to do two things; first to honor six winners who have accomplished great things after receiving help and support from Ben Franklin technology partners,” Eppler explains, “This allows us to honor them and also help other organizations in the area learn of the opportunities available to them through our help.”

The event also allows attendees the chance to exchange ideas among industry insiders and thought leaders. Among them, Jeff Teschke, founder and CEO of Forge3; the leading website and digital marketing platform in the insurance industry. Teschke and Forge3 are being awarded for their accomplishments in business incubation as the 2019 winner of the Incubator Graduate Award. This event is really for fellow entrepreneurs, other businesses in the Lehigh Valley and in the surrounding areas across the state of Pennsylvania,” says Teschke, “and it’s an event to inspire them as well, so they can look at companies like ours and a lot of other great companies that are here, that have come through the program, and say you know what, it is possible to do this. You know, they did it, and I can do that too.”

Since beginning operations in 1983, the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania have created nearly 20 thousand new jobs for Pennsylvania workers; starting 520 new companies and developing about 2 thousand new products and processes. Now, they’re recognizing the efforts of others in the tech world and paying it forward.
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Ben Franklin Technology Partners has its annual gala