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President-elect Joe Biden's Cyber Task Force will Combat Online Harassment
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GWYNEDD VALLEY, Pa. (WLVT) President-elect Joe Biden plans to take up a fight against online harassment.

It’s an issue that disproportionately affects young people and women, according to his ‘Plan to Protect Women.’

The cyber task force will confront issues like revenge porn, deepfake videos, and online threads that lead to offline acts of aggression, including mass shootings and stalking.

The cyber clampdown calls for accountability from tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter, which have already come under scrutiny for poorly moderating content, including the spread of disinformation.

Cindy Casey teaches cybersecurity at Gwynedd Mercy University. She says cleaning up popular platforms will take time and legislation.

"Joe Biden’s proposal is an excellent idea," Casey told PBS39. "Although there are some safeguards in place now, it’s not enough. I think the greatest thing Biden could do is push for some kind of legislation. In Pennsylvania we have some cyber-related laws, but you have to go to great lengths to prove intent. I don’t think we’re going to fully eradicate these issues, but I think that we can minimize them. When you start holding people accountable, then change can happen."

Click here to read more of Biden's plan.

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President-elect Joe Biden is planning to take up a fight against online harassment.