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Vaccine Arrives in the Valley, Distribution Starts Immediately
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SALISBURY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WLVT) -There was a collective sigh of relief Thursday as the Lehigh Valley's health care networks started administering COVID-19 vaccines to their frontline workers.

Chantal Branco, nursing director at Lehigh Valley Health Network, was one of the first to receive the vaccine.

"I see a few more tough months ahead of us," she said, "but I feel like the vaccine being here is the lights being switched on in the longest tunnel ever."

St. Luke's University Health Network also started distributing to its staff Thursday.

Health care workers and anyone who is at high risk will be prioritized.

"It's going to be the transition that we're going to see gradually over weeks and months," said Dr. Timothy Friel of LVHN. "There are going to be improvements, but we are not convinced that everything is just going to snap back to normal."

Friel also addressed those who are worried about taking the vaccine. He says there's worry of an allergic reaction.

"We are very prepared," he said. "This vaccination site as well as all the vaccination sites being set up. They will have medicines in case someone does have an unexpected allergic reaction."

To find out if you're eligible for the vaccine at this point, you're asked to contact your doctor.

As for Branco and Thursday's history-making moment, she says she had to go right back to work afterward. But she said there are family members she is hoping she'll now be able to see soon.

"My son is named after my godfather and I have not seen them in, gosh, probably a year," she said. "So that will be the first person."

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LVHN immunizes the first 10 frontline health care workers with the COVID-19 vaccine.