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Two Former Lehigh County Commissioners Compete for GOP Congressional Nomination in PA's 7th
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WLVT - TV - Two former Lehigh County commissioners are facing off this Tuesday for the chance to run as the Republican candidate against the incumbent Lehigh Valley Democrat, Representative Susan Wild.

Republican congressional hopefuls Dean Browning and Lisa Scheller may have more in common than major differences. Both candidates tout their business experience and cite second amendment rights and the economy as top priorities.

"My purpose in running is I want to take my business background, where I've been involved in situations where I've had to identify problems, clean up messes, some of them of my own making, develop solutions and then work to get those implemented," said Dean Browning, a retired business executive. "I think that is a skill set that we need in Washington."

Lisa Scheller is the chairman and president of Silberline, her family's manufacturing business based in Tamaqua.

"I am a business person, an engineer by education, I'm not a politician. And what has motivated me to run is, for the first time, I really have the feeling that our American Dream is threatened," said Scheller.

The June 2nd primary winner will eventually compete against Rep. Wild to represent Pennsylvania's 7th district. Wild has only served one full congressional term so far. She was elected as part of a blue sweep of Pennsylvania women elected to Congress in 2018.

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