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As COVID Cases Climb, Pa. Announces New Mask and Travel Orders
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PENNSYLVANIA (WLVT) - State Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine announced new restrictions Tuesday for Pennsylvanians in fighting the spread of the coronavirus.

The 5,900 new cases posted Tuesday -- the most in a single day so far -- are an example of the numbers trending upward, officials said.

Levine said reputable models show Pennsylvania will run out of intensive-care beds in December.

The new orders are designed to interrupt the trend.

New rules include more stringent mask regulations when indoors, as well as travel restrictions.

Levine says starting Friday, Pennsylvania is requiring "anyone who visits Pennsylvania from another state to get tested within 72 hours of entering (Pennsylvania). They need a negative test within 72 hours of entering the state.

"If you do not have your test results when coming to Pennsylvania then you need to quarantine until you get a negative test result," she said. "If you can't get a test or are waiting for the results, or choose not to get a test, you must quarantine for 14 days once you arrive."

The order does not apply to anyone who commutes in or out of state for work, but Levine is recommending anyone work remotely whenever possible, and avoid traveling for the holidays.

The new masking orders require anyone away from their home but indoors to wear a mask at all times, even while social distancing.

You can see the news release about the new orders here.

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New COVID--19 restrictions released from Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine.