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Allentown Small Business Owner Pushed by Pandemic to Write-in Bid
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Allentown small business owner Michael McCreary never thought he would get into politics, until now.

McCreary owns Lehigh Valley Grand Prix in Allentown and is running a write-in campaign in the hope of becoming the Republican nominee for the state House of Representatives for the 132nd District. The Lehigh University graduate supported the lockdown and helped all of his employees apply for unemployment, but as time went on, he became frustrated with the decisions being made.

“All the small business people, our backs are against the wall," says McCreary. "We're now at a point of losing everything that we put into our businesses. We're looking for our politicians to be a voice. I've never in my wildest dreams thought we would be doing zero revenue for potentially six plus months. That's a death sentence for any small business or any big business. So I'm dumbfounded. I'm scared. Like I said, who would have thought I would actually want to get into politics. But I don't know what else to do."

McCreary made the announcement last week, just two weeks prior to the June 2nd primary election. He needs 300 registered Republicans to write in his name either on their mail-in ballot or at the polls. But that's not it, there's one more hurdle.

Democrat Mike Schlossberg currently holds the seat. He's also running a write-in campaign for the Republican nomination.

"I want to win the Republican nomination," says Schlossberg. "So yeah, simple as that."

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