Univest Not-For-Profit

Univest Not-For-Profit Production Fund at PBS39
With the financial backing of Univest Bank and Trust Co., The Univest NFP Production Fund at PBS39 has been created to allocate a specific amount of funding annually for production work for non-profit organizations.  We believe well-planned visual content may greatly assist the services and mission outcomes of other community organizations. 

PBS39 and Univest will be recognized as producer and sponsor at the beginning and end of each video.


Application for Funding

Interested organizations should submit a short letter of request by email to NFPProductionFund@wlvt.org including the following:

  • Intended use, audience and impact of video (consideration will be given to projects that have a larger scope and lasting impact.)
  • Estimated length of video (no more than 5 minutes.)
  • Requirement for in-studio work at the PBS39 Public Media and Education Center or field shooting.
  • Date the finished product is needed.

Awards will be announced on a rolling basis and are subject to available funds. For reference: while every video is unique, general estimates are $1,000 per finished minute for in-studio work and $2,000 per finished minute for field work.


For more information:
Please direct any questions relating to this opportunity to Tim Fallon
610-984-8117 or NFPProductionFund@wlvt.org


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The Boys and Girls Club of Allentown