What is a Sustaining Member?

Sustaining members give automatic regular contributions to PBS39 which are deducted* from a checking account or credit card on a monthly basis.  It’s a convenient and cost saving option that means you'll never have to worry about renewing again.

Sustaining Members Save Money

  • No checks to write, no stamps to buy, and saves you time.
  • Provide PBS39 with a stable source of income to support the programming you value.
  • Eliminate the cost of renewal reminder notices.
  • Reduce the cost of processing payments.

*Please note it is the PBS39 policy that Credit cards are processed on the 10th day of each month and EFT payments are processed on the 5th or the 20th of each month unless either day falls on a holiday or weekend. If this is the case, we will process your payment on the next work day. PBS39 is unable to accommodate requests for different processing dates.


Become A Member Today!

There’s a PBS39 membership level for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a student just starting out, a young parent, an experience professional or enjoying your retirement.

Membership helps PBS39 remain a valuable resource in your community and allows us to bring you your favorite programs each day. 

Become A Member Today!

PBS39 Return Policy

PBS39/WLVT is a non-profit organization. We value our members and do our best to get you the thank you gift(s) you requested as quickly as possible.

Thank You Gift (non-ticket items) Guidelines

  •  Items returned to PBS39 in an opened or used condition cannot be reused. If a refund is given and you have paid via credit/debit card, the credit (refund) will be issued on that same card.
  • Unopened thank you gifts may be returned within 30 days from original shipment date for a refund of the donation.
  • Defective, opened items returned within 30 days from original shipment date will receive either a replacement of the same item (if found to be defective) or a refund of the donation less the cost of shipping expenses and fair market value of the item. If a refund is given and you have paid via credit/debit card, the credit (refund) will be issued on that same card.
  • Items returned to PBS39 beyond 30 days from original shipment date will not be considered for refund or credit.
  • If you have questions, please email or call PBS39 Member Services before you remove an item’s packaging.

Event Ticket Guidelines
PBS39 does not give refunds for ticketed events and is not responsible for the resell or refunding of tickets.

Ticket Reprints

  • Lost, missing, or damaged tickets should be reported to PBS39 Member Services by email or phone so arrangements can be made with the venue and box office. 
  • If you report lost, missing, or damaged tickets, PBS39 will not automatically send another pair of tickets as a replacement. (Each ticket has a bar code and may only be used once). Instead, the original tickets are reprinted and made available at the respective venue’s Will Call window on the day of the concert per venue agreement
  • Reprinted tickets will be for the same seats secured with the original tickets and the original tickets will be inactivated by the venue. 
  • If a reprint request has been made, the original tickets will be invalid. 

Cancelled events
If an event is cancelled by the venue or artist, PBS39 will determine options for our members based on issues such as “is the concert being rescheduled?” Once we know the options available, we will communicate them as soon as possible.

Support PBS39 in 3 easy steps:

1.   Decide
 how much you want to contribute to PBS39 monthly.

2.   Contribute by calling Member Services at 610-984-8100 or click on the Donate button here or above, to complete the authorization form.  Your contribution can be paid from a checking or savings account from your bank or credit union, or with a major credit card.                 

3.   Sit back and relax.  Your contribution will be automatically deducted with a record of each transaction appearing on your bank, credit union or credit card statement.  Your membership is automatically renewed each year on your membership anniversary date.  You have the control and you can call Member Services any time to make adjustments.

Contact MembershipIf you have questions or feedback about your membership, pledging, premiums, other membership-related matters or if a thank you gift for the program of your choice is not listed, call Member Services at 610.984.8100 between the hours of 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday. Email us at Member Services