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Being Poirot

Being Poirot

After two decades playing one of television’s greatest icons, David Suchet goes on a journey to unravel the greatest mystery of all – the story behind Hercule Poirot himself. 


Dr Fuhrman's End Dieting Forever

Dr. Fuhrman's End Dieting Forever!

This show presents Dr. Fuhrman's ideas about a lifestyle where you seek foods, recipes and menus that are nutrient rich, so that your body is supplied with its nutritional needs for optimum health, disease prevention, and maximum lifespan.


The Christmas Attic Tour

A Rock holiday tradition for a new generation.
Concert: January 3, 2015 | 3:30 show or 8:00pm show

Santander Arena, Reading, PA 
Tickets available at 

The African Americans

The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross

This series chronicles the full sweep of African American history, from the origins of slavery on the African continent right up to today—when America has a black president, yet remains a nation deeply divided by race.

Joy Bauer's Food Remedies

Joy Bauer's Food Remedies

Eat your way to better health with advice from one of the nation’s leading authorities. Nutritionist and #1 New York Times best-selling author Joy Bauer offers compelling information on how specific foods can help manage, treat and in some instances even reverse common health conditions.

30 Days To A Younger Heart

30 Days to a Younger Heart With Dr. Steve Masley

Regardless of your body composition, genetics, or age, you can make your heart ten years younger. Steven Masley, MD and his three simple steps have helped thousands of patients turn back the clock and reverse the onset of aging and disease.



Set in the fictitious London Borough of Walford, EastEnders is an on-going story of life in the East End and focuses on the multi-racial community who live and work in and around Albert Square. 

 Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman Emerald

Celebrating the Emerald Isles’ Celtic heritage through a spellbinding presentation of traditional Irish anthems, pop standards and original compositions. 

Brain Change 

BrainChange reveals the devastating truth about the effects of wheat, sugar, and carbohydrates on the human brain, with a 30-day plan to achieve optimum health. 

Dr Amen Healing ADD with Daniel Amen, MD & Tana Amen, RN

Psychiatrist Daniel Amen and his wife, nurse Tana Amen, take a completely new look at ADD and explain 7 unique types based on the extensive brain imaging work on tens of thousands of ADD patients. 
 Ed Slott

Ed Slott's Retirement Rescue

A powerful call-to-action for American consumers concerned about their retirement. Ed Slott is coming to PBS39 for a series of live interviews during the broadcast of Ed Slott Retirement Rescue 2014

 Dr Wayne Dyer: I Can See Clearly Now

Dr. Wayne Dyer: I Can See Clearly Now

Dr. Dyer employs an intimate conversational format to reveal many of the private challenges behind his public success. He also describes the five key principles for seeing clearly now, which have guided him through all his important life choices, and which are available to you as well. 

 Moments to Remember

Moments To
Remember (My Music)

Includes vintage favorites by Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Peggy Lee and dozens more timeless hits of the 1950s-early 1960

 Downton Revisited

Return to Downtown Abbey Season 5 

Downtown Abbey Season FIVE is featured.

Seasons 1 - 4 are also available.

 Suze Orman Suze Orman

Suze covers a wide range of financial topics including investing, buying versus renting a home,  saving for retirement, and much more.  And, as always, her advice is based not just on numbers, but grounded in a critical understanding of people and their emotional needs.
 Peggy Cappy

Easy Yoga: The Secret to Strength and Balance with Peggy Cappy

Muscle loss actually begins in your thirties (earlier than most of us might have guessed) and it continues at a rate of about three percent per decade without intervention. The good news is according to Peggy Cappy, yoga can come to the rescue.