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Parents, grandparents, friends --- even those who have moved out of the area --- will be thrilled to have a Hollywood on Hamilton: Hess's DVD, a Bethlehem Steel: The People Who Built America DVD, an IronPigs: Fan-tastic! DVD; all PBS39 documentaries that celebrate our region!

You'll find a fabulous collection of images in the Capture Greater Lehigh Valley photo book, with page after page of the people and places that make our region unique.

Looking for an extra-special gift for someone on your list? Why not give concert tickets that you won't find anywhere else?  Whether it's at a concert or on the couch, PBS39 is your source for the best gifts... memories. Items are all accessible directly from this page. Have questions? We're here to help; call 610.984.8119 between 8:30am and 4:00pm daily or email Kim.


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NEW! Lehigh Valley-Opoly

Lehigh Valley-Opoly

 "Lehigh Valley-Opoly," a regional version of the classic board game, Monopoly, gives you the chance to roll the dice and "buy" your favorite area attractions and landmarks with
your PEEPS shaped game piece! 













PBS39 Communities DVD Series

Communities Allentown

Communities Allentown:
One generation after another helped write the city’s history.  A history that features the reign of king coal, the boom-times of the silk mills and a legend written in cement.DVD $29.99

Communities Bethlehem

Communities Bethlehem: 
Go with us as we take you on a tour to meet the people, see the places and witness the events that experts say make this one of the best places to live in America.
DVD $29.99

Communities EastonCommunities Easton: 
Easton has become a magnet for artists and entre-preneurs. Join us as we explore Easton’s history, people, culture and promise. 
DVD $29.99

Communities New HopeCommunities New Hope:
An in-depth look at the history, culture and people integral to making New Hope, Bucks County the top small-town arts destination in the country; keeping its old-fashioned charm through the years. 
DVD $29.99


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Lehigh Valley Public Telecommunications Corp

Capture Lehigh ValleyCapture Lehigh Valley The Best of the Lehigh Valley in Photography Hardcover BOOK 128 pages. 150+ photos.
BOOK $28.30

More Gift Selections...

Bethlehem Steel the People Who Built America

Bethlehem Steel: The People Who Built America
: PBS39 produced documentary that chronicles more than 40 years of this once colossal company's rich history. DVD $29.99 

Bringing New Life To Old Steel

Bringing New Life To Old Steel: Chronicles this once colossal company's rich history up to the present. DVD $29.99

IronPigs Fantastic

IronPigs Fan-tastic! PBS39 explores that magic in the documentary IronPigs: Fan-tastic. Meet the managers and players, the fans who love them and the behind-the-scenes staff who make the magic happen. DVD $29.99

Make A Joyful Noise: The Bach Choir of Bethlehem 

Make A Joyful Noise: The Bach Choir of Bethlehem Enjoy the exhilarating performance of The Bach Choir and learn how this little known Pennsylvania town became synonymous with Bach. DVD $29.99

 Hollywood On Hamilton: Remembering Hess's

Hollywood On Hamilton: Remembering Hess's From sweet memories of eating strawberry pie at the world famous Patio Restaurant to the vivid recollections of rubbing elbows with guest celebrities, Hollywood on Hamilton will trigger nostalgia for the glamorous days of shopping in style on Hamilton Street. DVD $29.99

 Lehigh Lafayette

Lehigh Lafayette Legacy  Highlights of  some of the great games, the fog contest of 1955,
the heartbreaking tie in the 100th match up in 1965, and the ‘81 contest, watched by more than 19,000 fans, the most ever to witness a game at Taylor Stadium. DVD $29.99

 Carousel of Memories

Carousel of Memories Revisit the beloved parks with a mix of old photographs, never-before-seen film and heartfelt interviews. Castle Garden, Central Park, Carsonia Park, Willow Grove Park, Bushkill Park and more. DVD $29.99 

Philly Firsts

Philly Firsts explores dozens of "Firsts" including the first AME Zion Church, Art Museum, Computer, Flower Show, Cheese Steak and more.

 DVD $29.99