Artist of the Month: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Gerard Longo on

With our Artist of the Month contest heating up, we thought that now would be a good time to re-visit Frequently Asked Questions received from parents and educators wanting to learn more about this great opportunity for area K-12 students, sponsored by The Provident Bank Foundation.

What are you looking for? Is there a specific theme or type of artwork required?
Because art is subjective, we are happy to accept submissions of any theme from area K-12 students. Submission types include painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, videography, performance art, or any combination thereof.

How do I submit for this contest?
Please email three (3) photos of the work you would like to submit, with one including the student who produced the work. Additionally, please print, fill out, scan, and return this application to provide PBS39 with information about the student and his/her artwork.

How many different pieces of artwork can I submit?
Each student may submit one piece of artwork for consideration in the contest.

Can I mail my submission to PBS39?
Due to submission volume, we are not accepting submissions sent to us via mail or delivery to the PPL Public Media Center. Please refer to the submission instructions above.

I am an educator submitting on behalf of a student. Do I need to get parent permission first?
Yes, please obtain written parent permission before submitting on behalf of one of your students.

Do both the educator AND parent need to fill out the online form for one student?
No – we only need one submission form to accompany an individual submission.

What is the submission deadline?
The Artist of the Month submission deadline is Fri., Oct. 28. Submit now!

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