Learning Quickly: An Intern's BrewFest Experience

Posted by Paul Oberbeck on

When one imagines a gathering of 47 brewers and one purveyor of mead, he or she is unlikely to think about hours of preparation, and the team of staff and volunteers that toil to make that gathering a success. But, after two days and twelve hours of hard work, that is all I will think about.

On Friday, when I arrived at Coca-Cola Park, Home of the IronPigs, I was amazed at the efficiency of the PBS39 staff, and their ability to unload all of the supplies and set up more than 50 stations in preparation for the following day’s activities. The feeling of camaraderie at lunch afterwards was infectious, even for someone who had only started his internship the previous day.

The day of BrewFest, we arrived bright and early to finish setting up.  By 12 p.m., everything was set up, all of the brewers and vendors were there, and the two hastily-assembled yard games were in position.  This calm before the storm only lasted an hour before the first of the attendees – our VIPs – began to enter.  Two hours later, the ballpark was filled with people from all over the area who were united in a shared passion of sampling beer from a small plastic mug.

Everywhere I looked, people were walking around, having a good time, and enjoying the musical stylings of Joe Wagner Jazz Trio and Cunningham & Associates.  Only a brief rain shower interrupted the otherwise-perfect weather. Then, like all good things, BrewFest came to an end.

As the attendees were filling out of the ballpark, people would occasionally come over to us as we were packing up to thank us for organizing such a great event.  It might sound cliché, but knowing that I had a hand in providing a fun experience for so many people just makes me feel good.

All-in-all, BrewFest was a wonderful experience, and a great way to get to know some of the people I will be working with over the next few months.

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