What They're Saying: The Salvation Army Legacy

Posted by Gerard Longo on

Last Friday night, we held a private screening of our new original production, The Salvation Army Legacy, at the PPL Public Media Center at PBS39. We invited friends from Salvation Army of the Greater Lehigh Valley, as well as many board members, supporters, and friends to enjoy this special program highlighting the organization’s 150 years of service.

The response to the program was overwhelmingly positive. Many of the people in attendance gave great feedback following the screening. When asked what they liked most about the program, here is what audience members had to say:

  • “It was a wonderful summary of the history of the Salvation Army and all the good that it does in our community. Highlighting its local impact with real-life stories kept it very interesting.”
  • “It was easy to follow the complex organizational structure of the Salvation Army. it was presented in a way that Joe Public will be able to understand how the organization works.”
  • “Everything! It showed all things that were done by the Salvation Army.”
  • “The story about the family that was reunited with the help of the visitation program was so precious!”
  • “The program effectively presents three important aspects of the Salvation Army: Number one, the depth of history and proven service over time. Number two, the breadth of services offered. Number 3, the local and community commitment of the Army.”

On Tuesday night, we premiered this great program on PBS39 during the Local Hour. In case you missed it, you can catch the replay tonight at 7:30 p.m., only on PBS39.


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