Intern Journal #11: Stepping Out

Posted by Tyler Winston on

Long gone are the days of class trips to the zoo or museum. Field trips are but a thing of the past… or so I thought. In the past two weeks, I have had the opportunity to take part in out-of-office excursions, taking a chance to step away from the computer screen and represent PBS39 in a different capacity.

My first stop was the Buy Lehigh Valley Business Expo, sponsored by The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce and Capital BlueCross, at the Lehigh University’s Stabler Arena. PBS39 set up a booth, and I was its representative at the Valley’s biggest meet-and-greet of the year. With more than 100 booths and exhibitors, it was the perfect opportunity to network with some of the Lehigh Valley’s most successful business leaders. As an intern, this is an opportune event to attend, not just for the sake of networking, but as an excellent addition to any resume. All things said and done, it was a successful outing. TeleBear even stopped by for the festivities. 

The following Wednesday, I traveled a bit further out. After about an hour drive, I found myself at The Neag Planetarium at Reading Public Museum for a special screening of the PBS39 original documentary, Wyomissing: An American Dream. Wyomissing is a small borough bordering the city of Reading with a rich history. It’s “founding fathers,” Ferdinand Thun and Henry Janssen started the largest full-fashion stocking mill in the world called Wyomissing Industries. The mill and the duo who started it are since gone, but not forgotten, and the documentary brings to light their rich history and long-lasting impact.

I worked the information booth at the event, and heard from residents both new and old of their deep appreciation for the film. I was able to see first-hand the work we do here at PBS39, and how it impacts the communities we serve.

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