PBS39 Helps Define Our Sense of Place

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When we consider relocating to a new place, we think about the nature of a community. What are the economic opportunities? Are housing and health care affordable there? Does this new place have a lively arts and cultural scene? For some people, having a public media station in their region also ranks high in their list of priorities.

For nearly 50 years, PBS39 has provided viewers with an outstanding variety of programming to entertain, educate, inspire, and stimulate the exchange of ideas for our community’s benefit. From amazing musical concerts on the world’s great stages, to captivating travel programs, to in-depth news from around the world and local stories from our FOCUS reporters, I’m sure that you’ve enjoyed and perhaps even learned from many of these programs on PBS39.

You can rely on PBS39 for trusted programming and positive entertainment – with no commercials! Much like a library or hospital, I’m sure you’ll agree that public media is a cornerstone of any thriving community. It helps define our sense of place!

The greater Lehigh Valley deserves its own public media service benefiting all who live, work and play here. Members of our community account for more than 50 percent of our funding. Therefore, it is up to people like you and me to provide PBS39 with much-needed financial support.  

PBS39 is one of the things I love about living in the Lehigh Valley. I ask you to consider how important having a public media service is for you now, and for future generations. Once you’ve done that, please join us, or make an extra gift, so that PBS39 will continue to keep communities in the greater Lehigh Valley vibrant. Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

Make your year-end contribution today and ensure PBS39 begins 2016 on strong financial footing by following this link.

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