What They're Saying: PBS39's Liberty High School Grenadier Band Documentary

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The buzz surrounding our upcoming Liberty High School Grenadier Band documentary is palpable. A recent 30-second video featuring the band’s Sousaphones received more than 16,000 views on our Facebook page. Generally speaking, our community has responded greatly with its support of this project.

We wanted to take some time out to recognize some of our biggest community supporters, and to ask them a simple question: Why do you support PBS39’s Liberty High School Grenadier Band documentary?

Let’s hear what they had to say!

“When the Grenadier Band comes marching down Main Street in Bethlehem, they create instant excitement which causes goosebumps! They bring a great sense of pride to the school and the community, and the band’s individual members develop self-discipline and confidence.” –Joe Brake, vice president and general manager, Coca-Cola Bottling Company of the Lehigh Valley

“It’s all about recognizing those kids and teachers, whose efforts and sacrifices have made the Liberty High School Grenadier Band what it is today.” –Tony Mauser, president, Fritch, Inc.

“The Liberty High School Grenadier Band is a proud part of our history here in Bethlehem. We’re very happy to take part in telling its story.” –Demetrios Herron, Herron Funeral Homes​

Why do you support the Grenadier Band documentary? Let us know in the comments or email libertydoc@wlvt.org.

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