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Our monthly Employee Spotlight series on PBS39 Speak Up continues with Brandon Long, Membership Coordinator, who told us about the importance of our members and the joys of working at PBS39.

Let’s start from the beginning: How and when did you come to PBS39?
I came to PBS39 in May of this year, so I am still one of the newer members of the organization. Having graduated from Kutztown University with a major in Electronic Media, I always had an interest in local media. When I found out about an opening at PBS39, it was an obvious choice for me.

What do you enjoy most about working at PBS39?
I enjoy working for PBS39 because it is entirely community-based. There is that special connection between our community and the station that cannot be compared to anything else.  

Why do you think it is important to support the mission of public media?
Public media benefits everybody. The programming that PBS39 brings to the community covers such a broad spectrum of interests. What is aired on PBS39 is ultimately decided by our supporters and reflects what they find educational and inspirational.  

Describe your day-to-day role at PBS39 and why it’s important to the station.
As a Membership Coordinator, I act as a liaison between our members and the station. In addition to assisting current members, I am part of a team that helps to bring in new members to help support the programming that we bring to the community.

The members of our Membership department each specialize in different things. What are some of your specialties?
One thing we like to do is give back to members for their support, and often this is done by providing them with a “Thank You” gift in return for their donation. One of my more unique roles is coordinating ticket offers for our members. I communicate with venues and promoters and, in addition, build our ticket pages, where people can go online and choose seats to concerts in the area and receive tickets in return for their donation to PBS39.

How important are our members to what we do here at PBS39?
Our members are the only reason we are able to do what we do at PBS39. Without their support, we would not have the ability to bring quality programming to the community. Members really are the only way we can continue doing what we do.

What are some of your favorite ways to interact with our members?
My favorite way to interact with members is through community events. We have a lot of events, such as the PBS39 MicroBrew Festival and concerts, which are exclusively for members of PBS39. It is a good chance to actually meet our members and see them enjoy the benefits of being a member.

Is there a specific membership event that stands out to you as memorable?
The PBS39 MicroBrew Festival definitely stands out the most for me. I was fortunate to start several weeks before the MicroBrew Festival, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. Being at the event was amazing! It truly brought together our members and community for a day of good music, fun and drinks. 

Fun Fact: You’re currently in rehearsals as the bassist for MediaJam, a new band made up of several PBS39 employees. Tell us a bit about how the group formed.
The staff members at PBS39 are a bunch of extremely talented people. A few of us talked about how it would be fun to start a band, and the idea kind of sat on a shelf for a while until we started to realize how many musically talented people we had within the organization. From there, we met and discussed ideas and it became an actual thing, rather than just a thought.

What can local music fans expect when MediaJam makes its debut?
We are still in the very early stages of rehearsing and pulling together ideas, but hopefully people will come to know us as a fun and energetic group. All we are in it for is for the fun of it and to have a good time. Hopefully, that is reflected when we play.

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