Quick! One Word to Describe Last Week's 'Steel Sessions' Tapings...

Posted by Gerard Longo on

How about, "Wow?"

Over two days, ten phenomenally talented artists came to the PBS39 Public Media & Education Center and completely rocked the house. Each act came into the building with its own unique talents, songs and stories to tell. All were excellent additions to a stacked lineup that, alongside out Emmy Award-winning production team, created amazing local programming that has the Lehigh Valley (and beyond) buzzing.

The tapings may be over, but the excitement of Steel Sessions lives on. For one thing, we will be airing these ten episodes on PBS39 every weeknight, from now through Aug. 28. There are plenty of photos on our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed is still blowing up with excitement from artists and viewers alike.

Moreover, the buzz surrounding Steel Sessions seems to have created a greater sense of community between the independent artists chosen to represent the region’s local music scene. The artists who performed on Steel Sessions are a supportive bunch, and were as encouraging to one another as they were excited to perform.

Special thanks to RCN for making this all possible, WZZO’s Chris Line for being an excellent host for the show, and everyone who helped behind the scenes to make Steel Sessions a successful, smooth endeavor.

Last, but certainly not least: Thanks to all of the artists who contributed their talents to the show, and to all those who applied. We are overwhelmed by your talent and support, and we hope to work with you again in the future.

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