Meet the 'Steel Sessions' Artists: Erin Kelly

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Country singer-songwriter Erin Kelly has been performing since early childhood. She performs live at PBS39 as part of Steel Sessions on Thurs., Aug. 13 at 11 a.m.

First, how did you find out about PBS39 Steel Sessions?
I heard about Steel Sessions through Eastern PA Music Scene on Facebook.  I saw the post and thought it was a great opportunity to share my music!

In your opinion, why is an opportunity like Steel Sessions important for up-and-coming musicians?
This is a great opportunity for up-and-coming musicians to be able to share their original material. It can also be difficult during live shows to get professional quality video. Local musicians don’t often come by opportunities like this to be featured on television with professional video footage. 

You’ve been performing from a very young age. Have you always known that you would pursue music as a career?
As a child, music was something I did for fun. My parents didn’t know much about music and were more athletic, so I was raised playing a lot of sports. Singing was just another sport for me at the time.  I didn’t decide to pursue my music until I gave up sports and learned guitar at the age of sixteen.

As somebody who grew up performing, you never had a fear of large audiences. How did you become comfortable performing in front of so many people?
Since my mom was an athlete, she didn’t know what to do with my singing talent. So, I started off performing the National Anthem at sporting events. This helped me tremendously, because by the time I was six, I was able to perform the National Anthem for both amateur and professional sports teams in large stadiums. Singing the Anthem for so many years helped me become comfortable singing in any situation, regardless of the size of the crowd.

You’ve demonstrated an ability to perform multiple genres, but have chosen to pursue country. What about country appeals to you?
Beginning at the age of five, I had the experience of performing with traditional country bands. The Nashville sound just always seemed to appeal to me. I love the traditional instruments and the storytelling that makes country what it is. I did grow up singing many kinds of music. Understanding other genres helped me develop my style and find my own unique place in country music.

You’ve performed for a number of local charities and are involved with WXPN’s Musicians on Call, which brings acoustic performances to the bedside of healthcare patients. Why is it important to you to give back in such a way?
Charity work has always been very important to me. I feel that using my talents to help others makes my singing career worthwhile, regardless of how far I go with my music. The Musicians on Call is an amazing program and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to share their time and talents.

You’re an accomplished songwriter, with your latest EP, “Why Wait,” available now. Tell listeners what they can expect.
“Why Wait” is a diverse EP recorded with a full band with a modern country sound.  The EP contains five songs that I wrote.  Four of the songs were recorded in Nashville with Rich Herring of Trax Productions. Since the Valley has so much musical talent, I decided to record one song locally with Nyke Van Wyk of Sixwill Studios in Bethlehem.    

Are you working on anything new? What can we expect from a future release?
Currently, I am in the songwriting process and I look forward to having a new CD in the near future.

You’re set to tape Steel Sessions in front of a live studio audience at the PBS39 Public Media & Education Center Thurs., Aug. 13 at 11:00 a.m. What can those in attendance expect from your performance?
There will be some tunes from my current EP, as well as some new material. I am hoping to bring a high-energy performance that will be enjoyable for all ages!

Anything else you’d like to add?
I love being a part of the music scene in the Valley and I’m glad to have an opportunity to perform for PBS39.

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