Meet the 'Steel Sessions' Artists: Scott Marshall of Marshall's Highway

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Scott Marshall's life experience, faith, and love of music have provided him with the inspiration to be a musical success. Learn more about the frontman of Marshall's Highway prior to their Steel Sessions taping on Fri., Aug. 14 at 2:30 p.m.

First, what made you want to be featured on PBS39 Steel Sessions?
Friends and fans reached out to me after hearing about it. Being that I've been a big fan of PBS39 for many years, I was excited by the opportunity and possibility of being a part of yet another great PBS39 show as an artist.

In your opinion, why is an opportunity like Steel Sessions important for up-and-coming musicians?
Exposure is something all artists seek and desire. With Steel Sessions, PBS39 wants to showcase and feature artists by way of television, and that's an opportunity that many artists never get.

You’re well-known throughout the Lehigh Valley as an artist who fuses many different styles to create a unique sound. Surely, your musical influences are plenty, but name a few important ones.
Genres: 70's era Rock, R&B, Outlaw/Rebel Country and Bluegrass. 
Artists: The Stones, The Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Charlie Daniels, ZZ Top, Ray Charles, Gladys Night, The Temptations, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Johnny Paycheck, Bill Monroe and The Old Time Gospel. Lots and lots in between and around them all.
Likewise, your vast life experience has influenced your music. How have your experiences lent to your ability to tell relatable stories through song?
I started writing as a means to express my feelings and emotions surrounding all of my life's experiences. From the beginning, and because of them and the fact that they are indeed vast, folks of all ages and walks seem to find something to relate to because I try to write with everyone in mind. I attribute all of my successes to this, and thank God for giving me the talent, keeping me around, and providing the means to do what I enjoy while hopefully edifying whoever is listening. 

Is there a song you’ve written that resonates with you in a particularly meaningful way?
Hope on the Cross and Searching for Simple, because they both share my faith in the purest and most sincere way, yet present a humble delivery full of personal conviction that everyone can relate to, no matter what they believe.
The musicians who make up Marshall’s Highway are versatile multi-instrumentalists. Where do you find such talented folks, and how important is each one to your overall musical vision? 
Indeed they are, and I'm blessed to have each one, past and present, and to call them all brothers and bandmates who believe in both my music and me. In all honesty, I've stumbled on to all of them by way of being in the right place at the right time. I truly believe that we're all meant to be together right now, and that it's all a part of God’s plan for us musically at this time.

Each brings his own identity as an artist, and I'm able to get the best out of each with ease because they're that in touch with the music. It's a beautiful thing, especially in the studio.

With Marshall’s Highway, you’re set to tape Steel Sessions in front of a live studio audience at the PBS39 Public Media & Education Center Fri., Aug. 14 at 2:30 p.m. What can those in attendance expect from your performance?
I always try my very best to share the real me, genuine in both spirit and song with a story to hopefully compliment both.

How does Marshall’s Highway differ from your other band, Scott Marshall & the Hillbilly Souls, and why did you choose to feature the former on Steel Sessions?
Being that both bands share some members and we're going to be primarily acoustic, it's kind of like The Highway Souls! Marshall's Highway is the easiest way for me to offer it all, no matter what style I find myself in, and that's what I wanted to offer PBS39 viewers, our live audience and all of you.
For all of your success, you seem to stay hungry and committed to reaching new musical heights. What do you think the future holds?
I'm not sure what the future holds or God has planned for me as an artist. Regardless, I consider myself extremely blessed. The music business is tough all around. I do this because I realize that I'm making a difference in people's lives doing something I love, and it's a means of expressing myself that will always be therapeutic for me, as well.

Music has always balanced me out with reality and my roots by keeping me grounded. As a musician and entertainer, I'm hungry and committed to hopefully doing the same for others with my music. It's always been my goal, regardless of what level I'm at in the business. I just keep on rolling with whatever comes my way, trusting that I'm serving whatever purpose I'm supposed to serve.
Anything else you’d like to add?
On behalf of myself, my small team, my brothers I call bandmates, my family and all my friends and fans, thank you for this opportunity, and for believing in who I am and what we do as artists. Your support means so very much to us all! God bless America, our military and each and every one of you. May we always remain thankful through good times and bad, and our wheels turning in the right direction on this road we call life.

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