Meet the 'Steel Sessions' Artists: Blaise Delfino

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Blaise Delfino is hard-working, versatile, and determined to make his dreams a reality. He tapes PBS39 Steel Sessions on Thurs., Aug. 13 at 4:00 p.m.

First, what made you want to be featured on PBS39 Steel Sessions?
PBS39 is an extremely popular television station and I saw the value that Steel Sessions would have in regard to the promotion of my music. Also, seeing that this is the debut of Steel Sessions, I wanted to be a part of PBS39 history. Hailing from Bethlehem, PA and being a local musician, this is an opportunity I had to pursue.  I strongly believe that Steel Sessions will be a huge success, and will offer other local musicians an outlet to share their musical talent. 

In your estimation, why is an opportunity like Steel Sessions important for up-and-coming musicians?
An opportunity like Steel Sessions is important for up-and-coming musicians because it allows independent artists like myself a unique platform to perform. Steel Sessions will reach an extremely large audience, and for an independent artist with limited funds for marketing and promotion, this is a great opportunity to perform in front of a live audience and on television.  

Listeners can hear hints of multiple genres in your music, including pop, alternative, hip hop and pop punk. Tell us a little more about how the blending of these styles gives you your signature sound.
I enjoy blending different genres in the songs that I write. I feel as though it gives my music character and allows me to reach a wider audience. It’s also fun for me! Blending these different styles and genres of music gives me my signature sound because I do it in a way that is subtle, but in my opinion effective. As an artist, you have to “brand” yourself and find your sound. I feel as though, after a few years in the industry, I’ve finally accomplished that with mixing different genres together, drawing a creative stream from my musical and non-musical influences, and working hard on my craft. I usually say that if Bruno Mars, LFO, and Paramore were to procreate, you’d have Blaise Delfino!  

You’ve opened for reputable, platinum-selling artists like JoJo, Ryan Cabrera, Ron Pope and Teddy Geiger. What have those experiences taught you as a performer?
Opening for these artists inspired me to continue to follow my dream of becoming a well-known and respected musician, and I am extremely blessed for the opportunities I’ve been presented with throughout the past four years. Having the opportunity to open for these reputable artists taught me that if you have a dream, you have to chase it. The difference between the listed artists and others is that they worked hard on their craft, didn’t give up, and had a positive outlook in life and their musical career. I would say these experiences taught me to have a sickening work ethic and to never stop “showing up.” People never remember the individual who quit.

What other artists have influenced you the most in your career?
Dashboard Confessional, Secondhand Serenade, John Mayer, and Jon Bellion have and continue to influence me the most in my career. 

An interesting fact: You’ll begin studying for your Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at East Stroudsburg University in the fall. Why is continuing your education important to you, and how does it provide you with another avenue to do what you love?
Continuing my education is important to me because I am extremely passionate about the field of speech-language pathology. I received my B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology in May 2014, and look forward to making a positive impact in the field, helping both children and adults communicate effectively. I am also a licensed hearing aid dispenser and work at my family’s private practice Audiology Services. Receiving my Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology will allow me to use my knowledge and passion for music to implement in various types of speech and voice therapy. 

You’ve noted that your upcoming EP, “Commencement,” is all about transition. What transitions in your life have inspired the record?
I wanted to release a project post-graduation and record songs that would document my college experience. The transitions in life that inspired the record include moving away from home and living on my own, positive and negative relationships, going from the student lifestyle to working full-time, and the growing pains associated with entering adulthood. 

Often, personal evolution goes hand-in-hand with transition. How would you say you’ve evolved as a musician during the making of this record?
I would say I’ve matured as a musician during the making of my record. I was very careful with the composition of the lyrics, vocals, and music. I didn’t want to release a project just to release new music. I released an EP that I am very proud of. I built a home studio last year, which allowed me to engineer “Commencement” in its entirety. Recording, mixing, and mastering my own project taught me a lot of patience and a great deal about audio engineering. I have a deep appreciation for audio engineers. Engineering my own project allowed me to understand the science behind recording, what it takes to create the “perfect” mix, and how to properly master. I will be able to take this experience and apply it to future musical projects. There’s still so much I have to learn, but that’s the beauty of audio engineering. You are always learning new techniques and “refining the stone”. 

You’re set to tape Steel Sessions in front of a live studio audience at the PBS39 Public Media & Education Center Thurs., Aug. 13 at 4:00 p.m. What can those in attendance expect from your performance?
Those in attendance can expect a high-energy performance. I’ll be playing a few songs off my new EP “Commencement,” as well as older originals some fans may recognize. Local independent artist, Maria Loguidice, will also be performing a few songs with me. Maria currently attends Berklee College of Music in Boston and often accompanies me at local shows. Not only will the show be high energy, but the audience will experience an intimate performance since I will just be playing guitar and singing. 

Anything else you’d like to add?
My EP, “Commencement,” is available as a free download at

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