PBS39 and Manufacturers Resource Center Inspire Students Through 'Dream Team'

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PBS39 and the Manufacturers Resource Center are teaming up again in a continued effort to interest the younger generation in the world of manufacturing – and they’re assembling a “Dream Team” to do it.

The two organizations are partnering on a new series of videos highlighting manufacturing jobs, and the people who fill them. According to Dream It. Do It. Pennsylvania’s website, the “Dream Team is a group of young employees with successful manufacturing careers who, together, represent advanced manufacturing in Pennsylvania. These young, innovative adults are the faces that represent the manufacturing industry and job profession, and are happy to share their stories with students.”

Thursday’s tapings took place at two Bosch Rexroth locations in Bethlehem and featured three young employees: Andrew Cocco (Finance), Chris Hopple (Mechanical Engineering) and Damir Chiaramonte (Maintenance).

“We have three young, energetic professionals loving what they do, and we’re thrilled to be able to highlight their careers and this great company,” said Teri Haddad, EdD, PBS39 vice president, education and production.

This video series is a continuation of the work done by PBS39 and the Manufacturers Resource Center on the “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” student video contest, which allowed middle school students to produce video profiles on area manufacturing companies.

Damir ChiaramonteDamir Chiaramonte, maintenance technician at Bosch Rexroth in Bethlehem, is featured in Dream It. Do It. Pennsylvania's "Dream Team."Gerard Longo Now, students can get to know “Dream Team” members for a first-person account of what it’s like to work in today’s manufacturing world.

“We hope that this series helps to show kids that manufacturing environments are not what you may think,” Haddad said. “They’re very clean, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement and there are well-paying jobs. Many times, you don’t have to go to four years of school. You can go to technical school and go to college later.”

Chiaramonte, who keeps Bosch Rexroth’s machines running at the company’s Brodhead Rd. facility, was enthusiastic about his career in manufacturing and its benefits.

“It’s great for your troubleshooting skills. You can apply a lot of things you learned in school, like mathematics,” Chiaramonte said. “It’s a great and exciting field to be in. Knowing that everything in your manufacturing facility is running, and that you’re the reason for it, is also a plus.”

Haddad, for one, feels confident that the energy of Chiaramonte and his co-workers will make an impression on the youth of the Lehigh Valley.

“It’s our mission to educate and inspire,” Haddad said. “What better way to inspire today’s youth in an educational effort than to show young professionals excited about their work?”

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