Cloudy with a Chance of... Jobs?

Posted by Gerard Longo on

The Lehigh Valley Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is teaming with PBS39 to deliver Workforce Forecast, a series of on-air spots intended to market Lehigh Valley-based job opportunities to a wider scope of the population.

Nancy Dischinat, executive director of the WIB, cited several reasons for the two organizations to join forces on this community-oriented project.

“(Public media) is very important to us, so we always want to make sure we are working with the people at PBS39,” Dischinat said. “They are certainly community-minded, and every job opportunity we have in the Lehigh Valley is community-minded.”

Dischinat also noted that reaching PBS39’s regional audience of more than two million homes will help area employers fill their needs, while alerting job seekers to more potential opportunities.

“We’re beginning to see workforce gaps in many of the industry sectors,” Dischinat said. “It’s time to broaden that scope and ask what other venues are available to the workforce system, and how we can reach the community to make sure they understand the jobs, skills, education requirements and how they find work.”

Dischinat believes that Workforce Forecast will help personalize the job search process for those seeking employment. Many job seekers find themselves unsure of steps to take beyond using online employment portals, which can cause missed connections on both sides.

“We have to get to the individual by looking at them through the TV screen, and letting them understand that we’re a place they can come to every day to look for work,” Dischinat said.

Already, companies have lined up to be featured on Workforce Forecast, which provides one-minute overviews of job opportunities and prospects at Lehigh Valley businesses. Participating local companies include Coordinated Health, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Sacred Heart Hospital and Sussex Wire, Inc.

Dischinat estimates that 30,000 Lehigh Valley residents travel outside of Lehigh and Northampton Counties for work each day. As Workforce Forecast generates awareness of opportunities at the region’s high-profile companies, Dischinat suggests that more people may flock to – and stay in – the Lehigh Valley to work.

“It’s important to draw the talent,” Dischinat said. “This is all about the talent pipeline to feed the job opportunities that our employers have, so our economic development partners in the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation can grow businesses.”

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