Half-Year in Review: Great Programming, Exciting Events, Fresh Ideas

Posted by Gerard Longo on

We find ourselves at the halfway point of 2015. Here at PBS39, we’ve had a year to remember to this point, full of enlightening programming, exciting community events and new ideas.

Of course, our programming has featured PBS mainstay programs like Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge and our always-robust lineup of educational children’s programming. In addition, we’ve continued efforts to develop our local offerings by completing another successful season of our weekly news magazine program, FOCUS. Let’s also not forget that Scholastic Scrimmage celebrated its 40th birthday this past season, while we brought in world-class musicians to tape new installments of Behind the Guitar, set to air this fall.

It would be unfair to mention programming without also giving a nod to the member favorites and special programming we aired in March and June. Many of these programs led us to special opportunities, such as hosting guests like Mary Fahl, Ed Slott, Miranda Esmonde-White and Dr. Mitchell Yass in-studio during presentations of their respective programs. Other programs have led you to special opportunities, like still-existing ticket deals to see the artists you’ve recently enjoyed watching on PBS39.

Plenty more has happened at and around PBS39 in the first half of the year. We’ve hosted packed musical performances, motivated and engaged students, a local food movement and so much more at the PBS39 Public Media & Education Center.

Likewise, we’ve provided fun for all ages off-site. Our Earth Day Party at the Da Vinci Science Center with Sid the Science Kid was a big hit with families, while the 21-plus crowd came out by the thousands for our Fifth Annual MicroBrew Festival in May.

As for “new ideas,” we invited you to profess your love for PBS39 last winter. It was enjoyable and interesting to hear your PBS stories, and we enjoyed sharing ours just the same. For sure, the warm feelings helped us get through another long, especially cold winter in the Lehigh Valley.

Oh, and there was the “new idea” that has further enabled us to share our excitement with you all. What could that be?

We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride through the first half of 2015 as much as we have. Here’s to an even better second half!

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