Get Digital with PBS

Posted by Gerard Longo on

One of the great things about PBS programming is that it can be digested in many forms.

First, there’s the traditional PBS content – our television programming. Here at PBS39, we’re excited to bring you favorites like Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge, while producing original, enlightening programming such as FOCUS and Scholastic Scrimmage.

We also enjoy the opportunity to get outside and interact directly with the community. Last week, we told you about the many great events happening on behalf of PBS39 this spring, and our excitement remains at a high level as the season rolls along.

However, there is more to PBS these days than what you see on TV or at an event. There’s a new wave of PBS content that capitalizes on 21st Century technology and trends, while staying true to PBS’ overall mission of producing original, thought-provoking programming. Enter PBS Digital Studios, a fun way to digest educational content in the Internet age.

PBS Digital Studios made its YouTube debut in March 2012. Since then, it has put a creative, modern twist on educational media that will get you thinking. Scrolling through the channel, you will see that you can learn about virtually any topic, from how our subconscious minds affect our everyday lives (BrainCraft), to how the disgusting quirks of organisms affect the world around them (Gross Science). You can also take a Crash Course in a multitude of topics, and that’s really just scratching the surface.

The great work coming out of PBS Digital Studios has set the tone for the future of public media. Here at PBS39, we encourage you to explore this new and exciting content, and be sure to share your favorites with us on Facebook, Twitter or below in the comments.

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