PBS39: An Intern's Perspective

Posted by Chris Francia on

The following is a submission from Chris Francia, an intern and Electronic Media major at Kutztown University. If you or your organization is interested in blogging for PBS39 Speak Up, email marketing@wlvt.org.

This spring, I interned at PBS39 to earn my final credits for my Electronic Media degree from Kutztown University. When I started my internship, I had already learned many production basics in my classes, but needed refining in many areas to figure out which areas to pursue.

On my first day, another intern and I were given a choice – and from that choice, an opportunity would form. The choice was simple; help with an interview in the field, or help with an interview in the studio. The other intern seemed like she wanted to see the outside world, and it was pretty cold that day, so I volunteered to stay in the studio.

I immediately regretted my decision, as the interview lasted much longer than expected. However, I was soon rewarded with an opportunity that would change the course of my internship.

I was approached by our video editor, who had heard that I knew how to edit video. She gave me the chance to begin the edit of a story that would later air on PBS39. Editing wasn’t my favorite thing to do, but I jumped at the chance – and then, the nerves kicked in.

However, I soon realized that editing video professionally wasn’t the same as it was in my classes. All the things I didn’t like about editing were things that were not as prevalent in a professional environment. Ever since that realization, I knew that I wanted to become an editor – and if I do become a video editor, I won’t be asked to go outside on cold winter days.

My first day at PBS39 set high expectations for the rest of my internship, and PBS39 enabled me to meet those expectations each day since.

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