Lafayette Lens: A Student's Perspective

Posted by Kelsy Wright on

The following is a submission from Kelsy Wright, a senior Policy Studies major at Lafayette College. If you or your organization is interested in blogging for PBS39 Speak Up, email

As technology becomes more advanced every day, cyber security is becoming a prevalent topic in today’s news. As my classmates and I embarked on a partnership broadcast opportunity with PBS39, our professors presented cyber security as our broadcast topic.

First, our class figured out which segments would be a part of our 15-minute broadcast. With this time constraint, we knew that only a certain number of our segments would make it into the show, which created a fun, yet competitive group dynamic.

I developed an idea for a segment that would provide a look into how businesses are approaching cyber security, and protecting themselves from the associated risks. Coming up with this idea was the easy part, as I quickly learned the time and effort it takes to create a great broadcast segment.

For me and my partner, the first step was figuring out which businesses would be willing to share their cyber security strategies. We eventually locked down three willing businesses, with whom we corresponded to set up times to meet and film the interviews.

After filming all three interviews, we spent hours reviewing the footage from each until we had memorized them, verbatim. From the footage, we began to select clips to include in our two-minute segment. Working with so many possible outcomes was exciting, as it allowed me to engage the creative side of my brain. However, it was challenging to figure out exactly which angle to take for the final script. Fortunately, we not only had the help of our professors, but of PBS39 Executive Producer Laura McHugh, who had been with us since day one.

We recently submitted our final script, fully equipped with interview clips, time codes and B-roll narration. I look forward to seeing our class’ segments combined, culminating in the Policy Studies broadcast on cyber security to be screened in early May.

When looking back at the past two months, I feel honored to have been a part of this broadcast. It was one of the most valuable work experiences I have ever had, as it gave me a first-hand look inside the business world. As a graduating senior, I think this was a perfect send-off. I believe many of the lessons I learned will prove useful for years to come.

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