Coming to a Crossroads... Together

Posted by Gerard Longo on

Last night, several representatives from PBS39 joined members of the Greater Lehigh Valley community to participate in the Keystone Crossroads: Rust or Revival? public forum. The forum, led by WHYY in Philadelphia and supported by several Pennsylvania public media organizations, was hosted at Northampton Community College’s Fowler Center in Bethlehem, and gave members of the community an opportunity to address the issues affecting the Lehigh Valley.

The evening started off with a brief presentation, which introduced the project’s key players and reviewed its goals. Afterwards, participants were divided into five separate discussion groups, each with a moderator. The individuals in each group were invited to share their opinions on the state of the Valley and its cities, providing a glimpse into the problems and promise each holds.

As a member of the community, I found this session quite valuable. In general, the participants were an accurate microcosm of the Lehigh Valley community – diverse, community-oriented and committed to making things better. I appreciated the opportunity to hear varying perspectives on life in the Lehigh Valley. It was interesting to learn more about the challenges that still plague our region, even in a period of cultural and economic renaissance. Moreover, it was refreshing to see so many people who are willing to do something about it, whether by offering solutions or taking further action.

Credit is also due to the Keystone Crossroads team, and the hard-working folks all over the state who have made public forums like this one possible. This project has created an open dialogue between all corners of the community – from community leaders and elected officials, to residents from varying socioeconomic circumstances. Forums like Keystone Crossroads put all of these individuals on a level playing field, where ideas are shared for the betterment of all involved.

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